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MADE IN ITALY-Italianfood: opportunità e vantaggi aziendali

Cos’e Italianfood? Un un approccio totalmente innovativo alla cultura italiana del cibo: mettere insieme nello stesso luogo ristoranti italiani di forte attrazione e produzione e vendita di prodotti italiani esclusivi come pasta fresca , cioccolato, gelato , mozzarella e altri.

Quindi non solo i ristoranti dove mangiare cibo italiano, ma una grande area dove poter celebrare questa eccellenza italiana con diverse attivita : joing diversi piatti italiani , con una pausa con dolci e caffe , l’acquisto di prodotti italiani , imparare a cucinare cibo italiano e la partita vino corretto , diventare professionisti.

Italian food is the most attractive in the world.

Italianfood: Italian excellence

How to give new appeal to your business
and significantly increase your profit

Many shopping mall, department stores, business are suffering from the lack of people visiting their shops. That’s why they are all similar, with not appeal and people have not a strong reason to come back there definitely.
Italian food is considered the most attractive food in the world. People become addicted to its unique taste and they always want to come back where they tried this food again and again.

Italianfood concept itself attracts thousands and thousands of people and involves many advantages for the company:
– attracting new customers even out of your current target
– customers loyalty: Italian products create addiction to their taste
– high turnover with restaurants
– increasing in turnover thanks to the sale of the products
– prestige

food-1Italianfood format arose from a simple but brilliant idea: put together in the same location Italian restaurants of strong attraction and the production and sale of exclusive Italian products as fresh pasta, chocolate, ice-cream, mozzarella and others.
So not just restaurants where eating Italian food but a big area where to celebrate this Italian excellence with several activities: joing different Italian meals, having a break with pastries and coffee, buying Italian products, learn how to cook Italian food and the correct wine match, become professionals. In other words a totally innovative approach to the Italian culture of food.
Italianfood is focused on people who loves trying new tastes, all the Italian cuisine lovers, who loves high quality food, who loves sharing experiences, information, recipes and suggestions, who tried Italian products but is not able to find them anywhere.
In addition customers will also have the possibility to attend courses at the Cooking school and Wine school aimed at professionals and amateurs.

For 30 years we coordinate the best Italian food artisans in many successful events with inimitable results in order of turnover and number of visitors. We are able to create emotions so that the customers come back, we guarantee attractions with the production of the Italian food and culture with the cooking and wine school.
If you really want to upgrade your business, we offer you for free 1 hour consultant of the value of 3.000 Euro with the first Italian Excellence Advisor, Mr. Salvo Spagna.
To get this chance immediately send your request and fix your conference call for free now. If you do not fix your meeting now we can not guarantee the availability by the next 6 months.

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